We create entertaining & philosophical stories

Within a universe of sci-fi and fantasy

In a time when it is much needed

We therefore ask for your support

Welcome to Wanderlust Saga​ - a series of terraformed worlds that make up the next frontier of mankind.

Our mission is to create great and entertaining graphic sci-fi and fantasy storytelling within the same universe. Stories that tell the readers about the depth of despair, motivation and possibilities in mankind.

The goal of Wanderlust Saga is to create stories that ask philosophical questions and involving physics and psychology in an entertaining format, within a universe of sci-fi and fantasy.

Each world comes with its own set of struggles, whether due to the harshities of the biomes themselves or inner-personal feuds.

These stories merely scratch the surface of every event intertwined to create the ​Wanderlust Saga​. Mankind is put to the test each time they find a new place to call home. With your support, these worlds will continue to grow.

The goal is to create a cinematic universe both open enough to explore a wide variety of narrative themes and to translate across multiple forms of media. From books and films to collectable merchandise, the ​Wanderlust Saga ​is a series that aims to entice a wide audience by offering many installments that culminate into an all-encompassing experience.

Wanderlust Saga might be the first book series that splits the readers from the start and forces them to make their own decision in which direction to follow and challenge their preferences of storytelling.

By investing in an ever-expanding universe, you are taking the first step into a world unknown. In our heart and mind we know these stories matters and the world ought to have.

"There are three basic types, Mr. Pizer, the wills, the won'ts, and the can'ts. The wills accomplish everything, the won'ts oppose everything, and the can'ts won't try anything."


The Black Hole

"Our purpose at Wanderlust Saga is to be one of the wills. You might like it or not. Maybe it will fail or maybe it won´t.

Mistakes will be made. Only the future will tell where and how it will end."


Wanderlust Saga

The depth of despair, motivation

and possibilities in mankind